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The danger of worshipping false idols - the fall of itch fox from the king blues


Let me start by aplogising for The typos, im shit on this ipad

Yeah so let’s get it all out in the open about what a little shit johnny itch fox is shall we?
We split up months ago, but only days ago he was messaging how he loves me, wants me back blah blah. But he’s actually been fucking the Keyboard player in his band JOSIE DOBSON who is married. & he’s been flying girls out to LA to see him. & he’s been emailing his best mates girlfriend - from the band email account! How cocky can you get? This is the same girl he started a hate campaign against and tried ton turn everyone against. She’s a rat - by name & by features - but you don’t do that to your best mate!
So now the king blues are pretty much no more cos no one likes him. But he won’t care cos he’s got his solo project! So he’l be able to exclusively preach his messages of bullshit & sanctimony. Oh goody. We can all look forward to more gems like 5 bottles of shampoo. If you don’t know it I suggest YouTube it, it’s hilarious! Along with some poems about how war is ba & he’s punk for like. Yeah lad, you are a fuckin punk!
All the time he’s been in LA he’s skyped the baby……maybe 3 times?! And all over the last few days cos I’ve kinda made him. Yet he’s been skypeing numerous girls & flying them out from Britton to see him. Priorities?!
He makes about £7k a month. Yeah punk has a good price doesn it? Well until recently he didn’t pay for his son. He rarely paid his rent & bills when we lived together. I had to work until 8months pregnant even when I had complications to be able to afford la ALL our rent. There were days when I couldn’t afford to eat, he was shopping in M&S food hall. He’s the most miserly person you’ll ever meet. Offers to pay for things, then later asks for the money back
My pregnancy was hell. He came to a few appointments & scans, but not them all. Spent hours goin over the dates & decided the baby wasn’t his & ignored me for days. Blatantly is his child. Absolute fuckin image of him. Trust me if there was another dad & I could hv gotten away from itch, I would hv! But for the record YES HE IS ITCH’S! He’d scream at me on a daily basis for no apparent reason, he trapped me in the flat once & mad me late for work so he could continue screaming at me. Id take on extra hours or wander the streets for hours just so I didn’t have to go home to him. He set up his studio in the living room & I had to sit in silence, couldnt talk or watch tv or talk on phone. He screamed at me cos I put my book down too noisily once.
I When I was in labour he was in bed. He was too tired to get up at 7am & come hospital with me for my check up. I was exhausted & sick after the birth, but I wasn’t allowed to rest. No apparently that’s selfish of me & it’s hvn a negative impact on our family. So yeah ddnt get up with his on the night, didn’t do early morning, ddnt even do things like clean the flat to give me a break or mk me tea. He’d lie in bed & I’d bring him breakfast & tea etc. Yeah m a tit!
He decided we’d move to Liverpool - nt me! He hated the house, he wouldn’t leave it, he hated the area, he hated th ppl. He stayed in bed or went on tour. We had a spare bedroom fr his studio. He went in there just to …..hmmm I dunno wot he used it for. Again it was downstairs in living room that he directed him empire. Me & baby had to be quiet cos he’d be on fone giving pretentious interviews. Id hv to occupy mav, if he made a sound itch would incorporate that into interview goin ‘oh I Hv my on here with me’ & pretend to be playing with him. BULLSHIT.
I was stopped from doing photoshoots, promo work, dance etc. You know, all the things he was boomin about in Headbutt? I hardly had friends cos I couldn’t go out, those I did have he would badmouth & try turn me against. My family ddnt evn hv our landline number cos itch was pissed off if they rang or he had to speak to them. He never once visited my family.
I went to Vegas for 5 days, my mum looked after mav. Itch was on tour for 2 days. My mum lived 10mns from us.itch never once rang or txtd to check on mav & never went to see him. I got off a 14 hour flight & go a phonecall askn me to pick up 29 copies of kerrang! I got in & he was in bed Ill. I had to go bk out & pick up the baby, he couldn’t even do one thing for me. That was the day he proposed! I ddnt tell anyone, cos I only said yes to avoid the drama that saying no would bring. I had no intention of marrying him, he asked me to set a date every few days.
Final straw was him promising he’d get help, promising to change blah blah bu never doing it. He had me stuck against a wall in he middle of the street, baby in his buggy while he screamed at me. People were stopping & staring. He screamed for an hour, called me every name he could think of, criticised my parenting -this was nothing new tho, this was a weekly often daily occurrence. I got my things, got in car & drove from Brighton to back To Liverpool. He kpt ringing, crying, begging. Admitted he was a bully, a control freak, that he’d treated me awfully.I agreed to couples counselling, 1st thing he tells counsellor: her moods are ruining this relationship!

So yeah there’s more like, but I’m sure you’re bored by now. But I guarantee you’re still reading it!
I’m not so eloquent, I cant put it to music. I can’t and won’t shout louder than controlling little napoleons, so I never get to have my side heard.
But now as everyone turns against him and everything is fallin apart -including his mind - I feel like I have to have my say. If you care fine, if you don then jus enjoy the ride, cos I’m nowhere near done.


Remember kids: don’t worship false idols!

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